Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Donald Sultan

Don't you love thumbing through dated art magazines and stumbling across an artist you love?

 Burning Cross (Against Seduction)
oil, tar, spackle, watercolor and graphite on tile on wood
96 x 48

 Forest Fire
tar, watercolor, oil and spackle on tile
96 x 96

Early Morning
latex, tar, and tile on masonite
96 x 96

I wonder what happened?  I want to ask him why his exploration of fire turned into pop flowers, form, content.  I guess, stripped down.

White Flowers
tar, enamel, black flocking, spackle on tile on wood
72 x 72

Who knows, maybe the flowers are as grim and potent as an early morning fire.. or it's as simple as a change in outlook, or an exploration comes to an end.  One must amuse one's self.

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