Sunday, May 29, 2011


Dunce Boy
8" x 25"
acrylic and charcoal on panel

Say hello to this months obsession, boys in dunce caps!  I'm really fond of the way the chalkboard on this painting turned out, love those rapid brush strokes with a bristle brush.

Somebody asked me at last months street gallery show if my paintings were photo-realistic, I said "no" with a wry smile and beamed "they're too messy to be photorealistic!".  I then explained my process of drawing out an image with charcoal, painting a sloppy underpainting, refining the underpainting, messing up the painting by making it sloppy again, and then completing the painting with final refinement.


  1. I do love it! Your work is just so fantastic, and this one is a new fave of mine. Perhaps a future purchase, assuming it will be for sale.

  2. Hi Neil, thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you love it so. Everything is for sale! This one's up for $125. I take most of my work down to the street gallery during the summer months and have been fortunate to find some success. Let me know if you want me to set it aside for you or it may be gone by next week, I suspect this will be a popular one. Cheerio!