Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Body

Some Body
20" x 20"
Mixed media on panel

The other day I had tremendous anxiety about driving. I felt like an accident was going to occur and I would be a participant. Would I cause it? Would someone run into me? Every moving vehicle seemed a threat. After fifteen minutes of letting my mind race I remembered I was doing this painting..

I think this is the third time I've painted a car accident or a car in some state of disrepair. There was the broken down rusted vehicle in the forest a few months ago and then one last year that sold.

When paintings sell I always wonder how they're doing out in the world. I wonder how they're doing on people's walls, how people respond to them. I wonder if they're decorative or if people stop and ponder their content? I want my paintings to have a sense of mystery about them, some drama (dramatic mystery?). I use to want to be very direct and to the point but I'm not interested in that anymore.

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