Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tricycle for Shannon

Tricycle for Shannon
12" x 12"
Mixed media on board

Some back story on this painting.

I hit a dry spell recently and couldn’t figure out what to paint. I was banging my head up against the wall. I hate these moments; it’s as if the whole world becomes some gray drab slate and every brush stroke against a surface becomes a moot point. Then, I looked up from bed (I was effectively coping with the dry spell by laying in the dark) and when I looked up from the bed I saw Shannon's painting of a tricycle!

I immediately sent her a message and asked if it was okay to co-op her tricycle? I always loved the story of the tricycle so thought it would be fun to reinterpret. I was expecting offense but luckily she was more than okay with the idea. Above is the result of said interpretation.

A buyer at the street gallery bought one of Shannon's tricycles. Of mine, she said it was “too dark”. A common theme which I wonder if I will escape?

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