Tuesday, June 29, 2010


24 " x 24" (overall)
Mixed media on board

I feel this is one of the more successful paintings of the year. You can see the faint outline of the individual 12"x12" panels which make up the overall 24" x 24" piece. I tried to make each individual panel interesting on its own while relating to the whole.

I like the billowing smoke plumes arising on the lower left panel. The airplanes were troubling to paint, I'll never look up at an airplane the same way again (that is, without studying its form!). It contains a lot of recurring themes throughout this years work: smoke, fire, vintage black and white scraps, war, flora.

I've shown this piece a couple of times this year. I usually hide it in the back of the rest of my paintings because I don't want anyone to buy it, but, if someone came along and loved it I'd be happy to part with it - such sweet sorrow.

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